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What Is A Third-Party Injury?

Third party injuries is a type of work-related injury not covered by workers compensation insurance. Instead, to recover from these types of injuries, you will have to pursue a personal injury claim. These are complex cases that need the attention of a determined, experienced attorney.

At MJP Injury Law, our attorneys have fought for people injured in the workplace so they don’t have to worry about how they’ll care for their families. Our clients are New Yorkers, living in the Bronx or anywhere in the City, who need a fighter to go after the benefits and compensation owed to them.

What Makes An Accident A “Third-Party Injury”?

An accident at work is a third-party injury if the workplace was not the cause of the injury. In practice, you’ll see such scenarios as:

  • Injuries caused by workplace equipment
  • Injuries caused by visitors to the workplace
  • Injuries caused by a building maintenance issue

There are many complex factors that can contribute to an accident. However, if your employer is not the reason for the injury, that does not mean you are out of options.

Third-Party Claims Are Personal Injury Claims

To get the compensation for your pain and suffering you’ll have to go the route of a familiar personal injury claim. However, in these cases the insurer is going to fight you using every trick they have.

As your lawyers, our goal is to maximize the compensation you receive. We will file your workers compensation claim and pursue third party claims. We will not stop or be intimidated by anything or anyone who wants to keep us from what we deserve.

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