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Trial-Tested New York Personal Injury Attorneys

Insurance is a business and insurance companies make decisions driven by financial goals. It’s not personal when they deny your claim. For them, it’s just business. For you, it’s a different story. Your claim is the most personal thing in your life right now. You don’t need cold, distant forms explaining why you shouldn’t get the compensation you deserve.

You need personal injury attorneys willing to fight for you. And that’s who we are at MJP Injury Law. We’re tough, experienced lawyers willing to take the fight right to the insurance company for our clients in the Bronx and surrounding boroughs of New York City.

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Lawyers With Insight Into Insurance Tactics

Early on in his career, founding attorney Michael J. Prisco worked for large companies and insurers. His job then was to save them money any way he could. However, he now works for the injured, utilizing various tactics learned along the way, such as:

  • Minimizing claim amounts
  • Implying fault
  • Delaying payouts
  • Denying certain treatments

If the insurance company can find a way to avoid paying your claim altogether, they will. Our attorneys fight for you to make sure you get just compensation. We don’t back down or back away when there’s a chance that you can get the outcome you need.

MJP Injury Law Takes Point On Your Personal Injury Case

Your weapon in personal injury cases is your perspective. The adjusters and the entire insurance industry will try to warp that perspective and make you think about your accident in a way that benefits them. This is the number one reason you should limit how much time you spend talking about the incident on the phone or in meetings with them.

From the moment you engage our lawyers, we take on all the parts of your claim. We’ll talk to the insurance company, we’ll go to court, and most of all, we’ll keep you in the loop.

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Our goal is to put you in position to recover. That means we fight for the compensation you deserve from the start to finish. People who seek out our services matter and need dedicated support. Call 718-557-9693 or send us an email to schedule your free consultation.