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Very Grateful

My name is Larry; I was the victim of a violent attack at a popular fast-food establishment. After being refused help by the insurance company of that particular company, Michael helped me when I was just about to give up. My mother found him, and he took up my case before the pandemic, and he continued to fight for me throughout the pandemic and kept me informed of all progress in my case. I cannot imagine the difficulty of managing my case during this unprecedented time. He kept me updated, and when I was offered a settlement, he was honest with me when he thought we could get more. I trusted him, and I’m very happy I did because we received a substantially larger settlement from the company. He helped me when many things in my life were not going so well, and I am very grateful for his help.

– Laurence N.

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things!

I can’t say enough good things about Mike Prisco. I am so pleased with the way he handled my case and my whole experience with him. At the time of my accident, I had no medical insurance and had no idea what I was going to do. When I spoke to Mike for the first time, he put me at ease right away – he helped me figure everything out. Step by step, he was there for me throughout the whole process. I can’t thank him enough! Like most people this was my first time dealing with anything like this, Mike was always available to answer any questions I had to help me with anything I needed. I’m not happy about the accident I had, but I am extremely happy with the attorney I had representing me and doing the very best for me!

– Natalie V.

He’s Truly The Best!

After my son’s hand accident, we were referred to Michael Prisco by a co-worker. Contacting him was the best decision we could’ve made. He immediately went into action and started working on our case. From inspectors to just explaining the process of how things go, Mr. Prisco was always professional and easy to speak to. He worked with the best interests of my son in mind and communicated with us regularly throughout the process, so we were always aware of what was going on. Even through a pandemic, Mr. Prisco made us a priority and wouldn’t settle for anything less than what my child deserved. Because of how quickly and efficiently Mr. Prisco handled our case, my son has a great future ahead of him. I’m just so appreciative of Mr. Prisco and his team for all they’ve done for us. He’s truly the best!

– Shaquasia J.

Highly Recommend!

I am so grateful to Michael Prisco for his legal help and guidance in assisting me in an injury case. He provided professionalism, advice and determination in resolving my case and getting me a financial settlement that I did not think was possible. He was fair and never wavered in his integrity to do what was right by me. I highly recommend him as someone who quickly brought a resolution to an agonizing injury that left me unable to work for many weeks. So easyto work with, you’re the best!

– Grace G.

Goes Beyond Expectations

Michael Prisco has been my lawyer for 4 years. Michael’s level of professionalism, communication and understanding goes beyond expectations. He has always made himself available for any questions I need answered pertaining to my case. I am always kept up to date with any changes. Michael has also helped other family members obtain legal advice.

– Michelle M.

I Highly Recommend Mr. Prisco!

When I retained the services of Mr. Michael Prisco for a slip and fall accident. I was so surprised to meet a young man who was so professional and efficient. He was very straightforward and respectable. Mr. Prisco has extensive experience in the public sector and is an extremely intelligent lawyer. He thoroughly handled my case with a fine tooth comb, never overlooking anything. He was never out of my reach and always returned my calls within a reasonable amount of time. He worked extremely hard to prove my case, and he won. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Mr. Michael Prisco from the law firm of MJP Injury Law, Michael James Prisco, Esq.

– Patricia R.

Honest, Prudent And Detailed

When I sold my home, the mortgage provider damaged my credit by not paying off the loan in time. I called up and followed protocol to dispute credit. I, unfortunately, kept being told that the bank would not make any corrections, as they made no error. After months of trying to remedy the situation and getting nowhere. It was clear I would need professional help. That’s when I reached out to Michael Prisco. During our initial meeting Michael clearly explained the next steps and affirmed that my credit would be fixed. It was evident that my best interest was in mind. Michael diligently investigated and was able to uncover facts and misrepresentation. That helped not only to get my credit repaired but also to pay for time lost and missed opportunity. As an active real estate investor, My credit is a lifeline. I’m thankful that Michael gave my situation such precedence. Michael is honest, prudent and detailed. I have referred many family members to Michael and will continue to do so.

– Nil H.

Excellent Lawyer!

My name is Tisha S. I was involved in an accident back 3 years ago, and I went with my gut to go with Mr. Michael Prisco. I have not ever met a lawyer in the business of being more compassionate and understanding and always on point with his clients that I feel all lawyers need to be like Mr Prisco. When I say I needed for nothing, every question was answered, and if he didn’t have an answer, he would try and work it all that for me. When you invite a lawyer into your life, it can change in all ways! So, with that being said, bedside manners do play a good part in the relationship we had and after everything is all done and said, you still can reach out to Prisco for all your family and friends’ needs at all times! There was never a time when I couldn’t contact Mr. Prisco; he was always there for me. All I can say is please keep up the excellent work for all ya clients. It meant a lot to me and my family god bless you and your firm!!! Thank you!

– Tisha S.