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We Fight For Medical Malpractice Claims In New York

Many patients who have suffered because of a doctor’s mistaken advice or because a nurse failed to apply the proper medication have the legal right to seek compensation for their pain. All health care personnel and providers are responsible for providing patients with reliable care.

If they neglect their duty, look to the team at MJP Injury Law, in the Bronx, to offer sound legal counsel in all personal injury cases. When you need a powerful advocate to help you get the recompense you deserve, we are ready to aggressively support your cause in court. Whether you are confronting a single surgeon or an entire medical corporation, let us offer the powerful counsel you need.

Establishing Liability For Medical Malpractice

Unlike typical personal injury cases, a case involving medical malpractice can become rapidly complex because healthcare staff, practitioners, and providers are held to distinct standards. Proving medical negligence requires a lawyer who is experienced at establishing that a doctor, nurse, or even an entire healthcare facility did not provide the appropriate “medical standard of care.”

Such level of care is not fixed but entirely depends on multiple factors and circumstances, including the victim’s health prior to the incident, age, and medical records. Without the advocacy of a reliable lawyer to hold them accountable, health providers often will try to excuse mistakes or cases of neglect by blaming the patient for failure to properly take a prescription or claiming that such a misfortunate event was bound to happen anyway due to a “preexisting condition.”

Types Of Medical Malpractice

There is an entire host of ways that health care providers can fail to meet the standards of medical care they are supposed to provide. You can depend on MJP Injury Law to carefully scrutinize the evidence to demonstrate that these standards have not been met.

Some examples of ways that medical malpractice commonly occurs include:

  • Incorrect diagnosis or interpretation of the results of a test
  • Failure to notice or diagnose symptoms of an illness
  • Running inappropriate tests or operating them improperly
  • Giving the wrong dosage or the incorrect drug prescription
  • Neglect in taking a patient’s entire medical history
  • Performing errors in the emergency room or during surgery
  • Giving the wrong amount of anesthesia
  • Improperly utilizing medical equipment
  • Using products or drugs that are defective or past their expiration

When you reach out to our team, you can rely on him to handle every detail of your claim for compensation against medical malpractice.

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All of the attorneys at MJP Injury Law have extensive experience with all aspects of medical malpractice claims, examining medical records in depth and determining the multiple aspects where a mistake was made or there was a neglect of care. You can trust us to work relentlessly to demand appropriate compensation for the suffering you have undergone.

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