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We Fight For The Compensation Motorcycle Accident Victims Deserve

The fact is, many motorcycle accidents aren’t caused by the actions of the rider but by other vehicles. That doesn’t stop insurance companies from taking every step to put the blame for the accident on the bike rather than paying appropriate compensation. That’s why injured motorcycle riders want to work with a tough, smart motorcycle accident attorney.

At MJP Injury Law, our founder, Michael J. Prisco, began his career by working for insurance companies. Having seen how people in the Bronx and all over New York City faced an uphill battle, he opened his own firm, where he used his insight into the system to help people recover compensation. Our entire team of attorneys is here to fight for the just compensation you deserve.

Fighting Insurance Tactics Head-On

Insurance companies will use every option to try to get out of paying for an injury, no matter the liability involved. We have seen people from across New York offered only token compensation for serious, life-threatening injuries after auto accidents. Often, people are faced with the following:

  • Denials without communication
  • Implying that motorcyclists aren’t entitled to as much compensation
  • Delaying payouts for any reason
  • Denying treatment options

The impact of the tactics that insurers use is to frustrate and intimidate people. But at MJP Injury Law, we do not intimidate so easily. We know how to take on every tactic in and out of the courtroom to pursue the compensation that our clients deserve.

You Deserve A Team Of Fighters On Your Side

When it comes down to it, your injury case will depend on the team behind you. If someone else was at fault for the pain and suffering you experienced after an accident, they should be held accountable.

Our team knows that the stress and challenges facing a person or family recovering from a serious accident are immense. We put all our efforts into fighting for you and making sure your voice is heard. Call today at 718-557-9693 or send an email to schedule your free consultation.