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By Your Side After A Truck Accident

In a truck accident injury case, the insurance company’s number one hope is that you look at the legal logistics and medical bills and choose their option. They’re hoping to intimidate you, even if they sound like they’re being kind and caring on the phone. Do not be fooled.

Attorney Michael J. Prisco – founder of MJP Injury Law – began his career as a personal injury lawyer on the side of insurance companies. He understands the tactics and the stakes of your injury from both sides. Our whole firm utilizes insight into the personal injury system to pursue compensation our clients deserve after injuries in the Bronx and across New York.

The Trucking Company Is Not On Your Side, We Are

A semi truck, 18-wheeler or any other commercial vehicle is supposed to be in the care of a trained driver to minimize serious accidents. However, no amount of training can stop:

  • Lapses in driver judgment due to fatigue
  • Defective breaks
  • Unbalanced loads

In the most severe cases, the commercial trucking company may not have done the due diligence in their hiring processes. Training, proper background checks, proper equipment and balanced cargo loading are all essential to the safe operation of a commercial truck. When any of those are neglected, the injuries that result can be unimaginable.

Aggressive To The Very End – Connect With Us To Get Started

The consequences of a truck accident are some of the most devastating of all auto accidents. Extensive, full-body injuries, amputations, burns and even deaths are common. The victims of these accidents are never prepared for the tactics of the insurers trying to minimize their payout. And that’s where we come in.

Our team of truck accident attorneys is aggressive and consistent. Our team will stay with you throughout your case, fighting for every penny of compensation you deserve. Contact us today at 718-557-9693 or send an email using this form.