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What Is A Negligent Security Claim?

As a part of premises liability, owners of buildings and properties must take steps to keep those properties safe. But safety is about more than just clean floors or cordoned-off hazards. It’s about preventing injuries due to criminal activity as well.

At MJP Injury Law, our attorneys take on insurance companies in the full range of personal injury cases for people in the Bronx and across New York City. We’re aggressive and determined, and we don’t back down from a challenge. When you’ve got serious injuries caused by someone’s lapse in security, you deserve all the help you can get.

What Negligent Security Looks Like?

Negligent security claims are based on injuries a person usually would take as a victim of a crime such as robbery or assault. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical injuries, but emotional injuries can be just as debilitating to you.

Property owners have a duty to you and must be aware that their customers are in a possibly risky area, and as such, must have appropriate security measures, such as:

These rules apply to stores, restaurants, malls and any other place that gets frequent visitors who may be the victims of an attack or a crime. A key consideration for a negligent security claim is whether the attack or injury was more likely to happen because of the lax security measures.

Making Your Voice Heard

The most frustrating thing about any insurance claim is how helpless you can feel when you file your claim. The insurance company and the medical industry present things to you as if all your choices are out of your control. It can even be hard to feel like the people you’re talking to hear anything you say at all.

We take on the fight for you. We speak for you. We put your difficulties and struggles front and center in your case and pursue every penny of compensation you deserve. Call 718-557-9693 or send an email using this form.