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What’s The First Step To Take After A Retail Store Injury?

After any injury, your first action should always be treatment, as your health is the most important thing. However, once you’re stable, you’ll have some time to think about the coming bills and financial complications. And that’s when you want to talk to a personal injury attorney.

At MJP Injury Law, we’ve helped clients from the Bronx and all over New York City with personal injury claims of any type. We use aggressive tactics to recover compensation for our client with retail store injuries. As lawyers, we’re unafraid of the challenge that is ahead of you and dedicated to being there at every single step.

Negligence And Accountability

A primary aspect of injury claims of any sort is proof of negligence and the damage it caused. Negligence means a serious lapse in a party’s duties, and in the context of a retail store, that can mean:

  • Damaged floors left open and without warnings
  • Slippery floors unmarked
  • Unsecured shelving that may lead to falling items
  • Employee mistakes leading to allergy risks or other injuries
  • Parking lot accidents cause by confusing signage
  • Burns from improper electrical wiring

In all of these instances, the store or building owner should have understood the danger to its customers and the general public. Failing to act to create a safe environment is the issue every single time.

When someone’s choices and negligence leads to pain and suffering for you, we’re there to hold them responsible. We pursue a just outcome for you because there should be consequences for them. You deserve someone who will fight for you.

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Our team of personal injury lawyers helps clients recover compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and all other damages in relation to retail store accidents. We take a tough stance and continue to put pressure on the insurance company because it works. They want a quick, cheap payout, but we’re there to fight for just compensation for you.

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