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Construction Is Dangerous; You Still Deserve Help For Your Injuries

Every year, thousands of New York construction workers face the harsh reality of workplace accidents. Construction is the most hazardous industry to work in, witnessing the highest number of deaths and accidents annually. The bustling construction sites of the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are no exception.

At MJP Injury Law, we understand that construction accidents can shatter lives instantly. When you or a loved one experiences a construction-related injury or tragedy, the physical, emotional and financial toll can be devastating. We extend our sympathy to those facing such challenging circumstances and are here to provide the personal support and fierce legal advocacy you need during this difficult time.

Common Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous, and accidents can arise from various factors. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified four of the most common construction accidents (known as OSHA’s Fatal Four):

  1. Falls: from scaffolds, ladders, or any elevated surfaces.
  2. Struck by object: injuries resulting from being hit by tools, equipment, or falling debris.
  3. Electrocution: accidents involving live wires or faulty electrical equipment.
  4. Caught between: when workers get trapped between heavy machinery, equipment, or collapsing structures.

After a construction accident, understanding your legal options is crucial. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can assist you in exploring two primary avenues for seeking compensation:

Workers’ Compensation

In many cases, injured construction workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of fault. These benefits may cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs. Workers’ compensation may be a central part of pursuing your recovery after a fall from an elevated surface or after being struck by a falling object.

Additional Compensation: Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Claims

In certain situations, injured workers or their families may pursue personal injury or wrongful death claims against third parties whose negligence contributed to the accident. These claims can provide additional compensation beyond workers’ compensation benefits.

What To Do After A Construction Accident

Taking the right steps immediately after a construction accident can significantly impact the outcome of your claim. Here are essential actions to consider:

  1. Seek medical attention: Your health and safety come first. Get prompt medical treatment for your injuries.
  2. Report the incident: Inform your employer or supervisor about the accident, ensuring it is documented.
  3. Gather evidence: If possible, collect evidence from the accident scene, including photographs, witness statements, and any relevant documentation.
  4. Preserve records: Keep records of medical treatments, expenses, and time off work due to the injury.
  5. Meet with an attorney: Discuss your case with an experienced construction accident attorney to understand your legal rights and options.

While each construction accident case is unique, your possible compensation may include:

  • Lost wages: A construction accident can leave you unable to work, leading to lost income during your recovery period. If your injuries result in long-term or permanent disabilities, we’ll also pursue compensation for the diminished earning potential in your future.
  • Medical expenses: The aftermath of a construction accident often involves extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. This includes costs for surgeries, hospital stays, medications, physical therapy, and any necessary adaptive equipment.
  • Pain and suffering: Beyond physical injuries, construction accidents can inflict significant emotional and psychological distress. While no monetary amount can erase the pain endured, we’ll pursue compensation for your pain and suffering to provide some measure of acknowledgment and support.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: A construction accident can rob you of the ability to engage in hobbies you enjoy and family events you cherish. If your injuries result in a diminished ability to enjoy life to the fullest, we’ll seek compensation to address this loss and help you adapt to new circumstances.
  • Wrongful death benefits: Our attorney will compassionately handle the complex legal aspects while seeking financial support to ease the burden on the family. This includes compensation for funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and the emotional toll of losing a loved one.

No matter the details of your case, we’re dedicated to helping you receive fair and just compensation for the hardships you’ve endured.

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